Product Overview

Say Hi to SEE-MORE

The world’s only Personal Portable Grandstand and Modular SmartPack, owned by the smartest people in every big crowd.

SEE-MORE comes with a portable grandstand, SmartPack harness and iPad pouch.

BONUS – Free iPad pouch accessory with pre-orders. $40 value.


The SmartPak is made of high-grade ballistic nylon that is soft enough for a comfortable carry and durable enough to last for years. The belt buckle is adjustable and easily snaps together for simple comfort-adjustment.

See-MORE comes with an iPad pouch, so that when you are at an event, you can simply reach down, pull your iPad from the pouch and start filming or taking photos.


When deployed, SEE-MORE opens into a 15-inch high grandstand. It is incredibly sturdy and stable.

SEE-MORE is also a modular smart-pack. So you can easily remove the grandstand from the harness and replace it with a Day-Pack or one of the other accessories coming in 2018.



This is a top-down view of the SEE-MORE footpad surface. At 19” long by 13” wide it provides a surface area stable enough that anyone can simply step up and enjoy an extraordinary view.

Note the honeycomb design on the surface. This is a hexagonal groove system that permits water to stream from the surface in much the same way as the grooves in a car tire.




The legs fold into the surface of the grandstand making the SEE-MORE grandstand stable and easy to carry.





You can leave the Smart-pack attached or remove it. If you want to change your viewpoint quickly and easily, it is best to leave it attached to the grandstand, so that you can just fold it up, pop it onto your shoulders and zoom to your next awesome view.




SEE-MORE has been engineered for maximum user safety and will carry up to 250 pounds. The undercarriage is comprised of a cross-hatch designed poured plastic base and aluminum leg supports, enabling the legs to fold in and out easily and securely.

This is a bottom-view of a folded SEE-MORE grandstand. Note the clever coupling device embedded in the side of the leg. This is where the SEE-MORE Smart-Pack harness is attached. Simply sweet right? That’s why we called it Sweet-Swap!
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